Our Service

We offer full-service and support around GeriLife®, our open-source instrument for improving the wellbeing of residents in assisted living communities.


GeriLife® is a shared 'activity logbook' and visualization instrument. It is designed to help family and caregivers see the activity level of residents in elder care homes. GeriLife® can also be used to coordinate care of elderly persons still living independently at home.

The GeriLife® software is designed to run on a web server and be accessed by people from mobile devices such as tablets and phones.


GeriLife® promotes wellbeing by making the invisible visible. Where resident activity over time was previously hard to see, it is now visible immediately and in real-time.

When caregivers can see resident activity levels, they can coordinate their efforts. Managers can see, at a glance, all of the residents or homes that they manage, enabling them to direct volunteers and staff to where their services are needed.

Residents are ensured equal access to wellbeing resources, since they often rely on caregivers to provide them with routine assistance. Family members of residents are assured that their loved ones receive attention and live an active life.


We offer full-service hosting and maintenance of the GeriLife software starting at around 5€ per resident per month, plus taxes. Prices are negotiable, and may be reduced with longer duration contracts.

Using the service

Adminstrators, staff, and nurses can log in to the service with personal username and passwords.

Once logged in, users can record activies for one or more residents. For example, residents may participate with nurses or volunteers in activities such as music, art, or outdoor activities.

Once activities have been entered, users can view details about homes and residents by navigating to various pages. Family and loved ones of any resident may see the resident recent activity, with the assistance of a caregiver.


Users of the service are responsible for maintaining their own password. Once logged in, normal users are responsible for entering accurate activity records. Amble osk. is not responsible for the accuracy of user-submitted data.

Administrative user(s) are responsible for configuration of the activity types, groups, and homes, and can administer user accounts. Amble osk. is available to assist with initial training, but defers responsibility to the Administrative User(s) to ensure that configuration details are accurate.

Support and training

Amble osk can provide basic training for the primary system users. This includes Administrator User(s) who are responsible for configuring the system, and regular User(s) who use the system to enter and view activity logs and visualizations. On-site training must be arranged in advance. Training costs will cover instructor time and reasonable expenses for travel to the site.

Availability of the service

As a hosting provider, Amble osk. is responsible for managing the software and underlying server. This includes maintaining software updates and performing regular backups.

The software can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The server should be available 94% of the time, with exceptions for scheduled maintenance (such as upgrades). Users will be notified in advance of scheduled maintenance.

Amble osk is not responsible for maintaining software applications on end-users’ devices, since the GeriLife® tool is designed to run in any web browser.


Since the GeriLife tool is open-source, feedback may be given via public channels, such as the project issue tracker. Feedback can also be submitted directly via email.

Additional services

In addition to hosting, training, and support, Amble osk. can also provide consultancy and custom development. Consultancy includes site visits or online meetings to help plan digital caregiving services for elderly residents and staff. Custom development includes building new features or services, provided as part of GeriLife® or the Amble osk. portfolio.